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I’m bouncing a little bit from session to session this morning.  I made the mistake of ducking into a couple of the “Products & Services” sessions during the 9am slot.  Those where just thinly veiled sales pitches.  I ditched each one after ~10 minutes.

I’m finding the usability sessions the most interesting.  I caught the end of “The New Hybrid Designer” session and that sounded interesting, but couldn’t get much out of it yet. I stayed for “Designing for and with community” which shared good lessons from Mozilla Corp’s work in managing design feedback from the community.  I’d rather hear about designing apps/sites to foster and generate community, but it was intellectually interesting nonetheless.

BTW, I noticed in the conference program addendum that they do have a solution to the power problem: they’ve arranged to have a Web 2.0 Expo Power Room where you can plug in your laptop, but with no security you can’t leave it there.  Oh, happy day.  Someone call the pope and let’s get someone canonized.