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I haven’t been too a big conference in a while, and it is pretty exciting. And the Moscone Center is a beautiful venue.  And the weather was beautiful in SF today; the massive windows in Moscone West made me want to be outside instead…

But Zoli Erdos has it down: registration was a disaster this morning and ummm… what about the power?!?  I can almost understand not having power strips along the rows in the session rooms (though I’ve been to conferences that have had it).  But there also isn’t any juice at the tables outside of the session rooms.  That’s ridiculous.  I bonded with some guys outside one of the session rooms as we huddled around 4 outlets in one corner.  Hopefully, they’ll fix it for tomorrow.

The best thing in Day 1 was definitely Yahoo’s presentation on high performance webpages.  Very informative.