So Microsoft is getting into the classifieds space to do battle with Craigslist.  The guys at TechDirt think that there’s nothing that MS can do that Craigslist can’t just replicate, so MS will have a hard time taking them on. I’m sure I’m not alone in believing that that is a naive opinion. MS has the money, the reach, and the intelligence to do destroy Craigslist if they thought it was important enough and focused even a small percentage of their company on it.

That’s not that interesting, and I wasn’t going to write about it. The thing actually got me upset was the waste of electrons that passed as “discussion” on TechDirt. MS bashing by MS bashers, followed by MS-basher bashing by MS-basher bashers, followed by the spelling and grammar police, followed by just pure chalkboard-scratching.

Sometime, when you’re feeling good about things, head on over to Cnet News and read pretty much any of their comment threads on MS, Apple, Firefox, or Linux. I have more intelligent conversation with my 4-month old.

To get any decent conversation about anything, you have to dig through tons of silly flame wars and stupid insults. I’d love a community where people have to pass a test to join the conversation. For instance:

  1. Do you admit that the company you hate (e.g., MS, Apple, Oracle, Google, etc.) is often right?
  2. Do you admit that the company you love (e.g., MS, Apple, Oracle, Google, etc.) is often wrong?
  3. Do you admit that the technology you hate (e.g., Windows) has merit?
  4. Do you admit that the technology you love (e.g., Mac OS) has flaws?
  5. Do you admit that whatever it is you do, there is probably someone who does it better than you?
  6. Do you admit that just because someone doesn’t agree with you, they’re not necessarily an idiot?
  7. Do you admit that sometimes, just sometimes, you’re wrong?

Now, was that so difficult? Group hug…