Interesting article about how you have to slack off to be really productive. In general, there’s a lot of truth to what she writes. We do spend a lot of energy getting stuff done (a lot more than we spend thinking of what we should do). That’s the way it should be, I think. But her point is well taken; everyone needs to take time out to be creative.  It makes you a better worker and happier, too.

But the truly interesting thing is how she sites Google Page Creator as a shining example of this theory.

Within hours, this was such a smash hit that the company had to put a temporary limit on the number of Google users who can sign up for it.

Wha? Didn’t she see how Google got ripped apart by almost all journalists, technologists, and bloggers for releasing a poorly designed, poorly executed product.  I’m not saying that Google doesn’t release great products (they often do), but that’s a miserable example.