OK, ok, ok.  I understand that people are mad at Microsoft and IE, saying that it doesn’t support standards, blah, blah, blah. Anyone who really wants their site to work needs to check their HTML in multiple browsers, at least in IE6 and Firefox to get 90+% of the market.

So what’s the deal with sites not working in IE? I know it sounds terrible and flies in the face of the whole community, but if you’re going to take a shortcut with some browser, you have to support IE right?

I love WordPress, but I get two Javascript errors whenever I go the “Write Post” page.  And every page at www.snubster.com (brought to us by Michael Arrington) throws an error for me.

You can’t be serious that MS backlash has gone so far that people don’t want their sites to work on 80+% of browsers…