So all day today, because we’re crazy here at Homestead, Kyle Woodward, Bryan Lee, and I are all shaking little containers of liquid non-dairy creamer (Coffee-Mate, if you must know).

Why? My sister-in-law (a PhD and smart girl) once told me that if you shake them long enough, solids will start to form and you’ll eventually get butter.

Yes, from non-dairy creamer.

She might have been totally pulling my chain.  Then again, I may be completely snowing Kyle and Bryan so I can watch them shake mini plastic cups of creamer all day long. Oh, I wish I were that cruel and unusual.

We’re giving ourselves until 5pm today to see what happens. Stay tuned for results.

I love being stupid.

Update: Well, we haven’t opened them yet, and I left it on my desk for the weekend.  We’ll shake again on Monday then open Monday afternoon.

Update again: Well, after several days of sporadic and not very vigorous shaking, we opened them.  No solids at all.  And worse yet, Bryan and Kyle actually pounded their creamer. There is such a thing as going too far, guys.

Now we just need to get an actually butter churn and fill it with non-dairy creamer and see what happens…  Any takers?