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Note: I took these notes in the morning during the keynote, but I couldn’t get on the WiFi so had to write it in Notepad.

Again, just like Launch Pad I (during Day 1’s keynote) with WebEx, since when was TellMe a startup? Like 8 years ago?

Swivel: Maybe it’s just a bit early for me, but I don’t think Swivel did a good job getting their point across. It’s something about “freeing data” so the world can use it.

Vidoop: They’re trying to make passwords obsolete by having users pick images in categories instead of typing in a password. It’s an interesting idea, but I just don’t see it as being easy enough to really take over passwords. I got a demo from them in the Expo Hall last night, and they said they only have 36 categories to choose from (probably because 26 letters + 10 digits), and it seems like most users only pick 2-3 categories. (Of course, you could pick more, but you’d have a hard time remembering them.) I just don’t see it happening.  For some reason, many people seem to love it.

TellMe: OK, so TellMe isn’t a startup, and they were just bought by MS, but that’s an awesome demo. They’re adding business search to the already very useful 800-555-TELL, and now a voice recognition app that can be installed on the phone. If it works as well as Google Maps for Treo, I’m sold.

TellMe is the clear winner in this group for me, but apparently the attendees here are evenly split among the three.

Update: I went to the booth and no, the TellMe phone app doesn’t work on the Treo yet.  Sucks.  But, mommy, I want it now!