I’m just testing Jaxtr, a click-to-call service.

I went through the signup process, which was very simple.  After the normal stuff of validating the email address, etc., you have to add a phone number to it.  You enter in the phone number then it prompts you to enter in a number when the automated system calls you.

The button below is the default for WordPress.  After clicking on it, you’ll see a pop-up with a Flash widget that has some more buttons on it.  You can also embed that widget itself onto your page, but WordPress doesn’t allow it. I just put in screen shots.

You can check it out, but I probably won’t answer (I like screening calls).

(This one works.)

Call theflea from your phone!

(These are just screen shots of the other options.)

Jaxtr - Full size widget

Jaxtr - small widget