Just in case you didn’t believe it, despite all the evidence to the contrary, gaming Digg works.

Check out this article on Wired News. Fantastic. The author’s site was eventually buried, but then again, the author made the site specifically to be stupid.

You can easily imagine a site that someone actually cares about, but is not necessarily outstanding, could be fraudulently promoted by U/S.  I don’t have a solution for Digg, but it is interesting.

It’s really just another case where we should not be blindly enamored by the “power of the people”.

Update: Anti-Wired post from Michael Arrington. My response? You’ve got to be kidding me. I can’t speak to previous articles in Wired about the demise of Digg, but investigative journalism is totally reasonable, and the author of the Wired article didn’t do anything so crazy in her investigation to deserve that much wrath. Frankly, I don’t think this would be news at all if Digg’s management wasn’t so adamant in saying that they can not be gamed. That’s pretty much “Bring it on!”, if I’ve ever heard it.