If I say so myself, the Homestead Talent Show is one of the coolest things that we do. I’ve asked employees before, and they say that the two coolest things we do is the talent show and the retreat (where we all the employees somewhere for a few days of fun and “work”).

The talent show is something completely different.  Every year, I go around harrassing people to do something, anything on stage in front of their co-workers. And the things people do are fantastically creative, even if they’re completely untalented.  It really shows the spirit of Homestead and how much enthusiasm we have for each other and for the fun that we have. There are companies that are much larger than ours, with probably more talented people, and I’m sure they couldn’t gather enough spirit to pull together a talent show like ours.

Even Justin, our CEO, performs every year. He ain’t no stiff suit.

This year, Roger spliced the video and dumped them up on YouTube. Check it out!