Wow, it’s been over two months since my last post. Dood, what have I been doing?

Well, lots of work, playing with my son, and planning and running the Homestead Talent Show. Someday, I’ll get my act together and get up some good pics of the Homestead Talent Show, but until then, trust me.  It’s awesome.

Over on Justin’s blog, he’s got a little controversy brewing over how to rank the importance of customers versus other aspects of business like employees and products. Check it out.

Now, obviously, I’ve been with Homestead for almost 12 years now, so I can’t possibly disagree that much with the man. It might a bit bold (or silly, or stupid) to say that customers are third, but don’t worry, Homestead really does care about its customers and we work really damn hard to keep them happy. Running a business is all about finding the right balance between all the priorities that are ripping you apart.