Titles says it all.

I’m curious to see what mashups are going to come out of that…

I think it’s a great move for the decentralized-data proponents, clearly. Now, we’ll be able to index, search, and organize the data more easily (but frankly, anyone who really wanted to could have scraped it before because the HTML has to be consistently formatted).

However, the problem with review sites even as far-reaching as Yahoo! Local is that there is still way too few reviews. Cruising through the site, I would bet that only a single digit percentage of small businesses in my area are reviewed. And I live in the Bay Area, where there is more density of reviews than pretty much anywhere. We still need to figure out a way to get people to enter their opinions into the computer. Let’s see Yahoo tackle that one.

Compared to that, indexing and reformatting are totally easy.

But I’m not really complaining; it’s still good news.