Seriously, I just don’t believe the statement (or the interpretation of the statement) by Yahoo CFO Susan Decker that Yahoo is going to give up on winning search. In my opinion, the search battle is far from over. As I wrote before, as good as Google is, search can be so much better! And Yahoo has the money, the resources, and the brand to be able to find the next great innovation in Search. Any company that does that can beat Google.  Remember, Google didn’t come to own search because of their great name; they took over because they had better results.  And results can still improve.

Frankly, it’s not going to take a lot of people to come up with that innovation. A handful of really smart people (whom they probably have) and a bunch of bad-ass servers and you can win at Search.

I’m with Steve Rubel: if Yahoo really gives up on search, they really are in danger of losing ground on other things. It’s so weird, that it makes me think that this is really just a trick to lull the competition to sleep.  Just so weird…