High five! Let me know you got this.

Now for a different type of challenge.



You’re all muckrakers!! Now let’s make music videos great again!!


  • Go to the Goodwill store. Slack me as soon as you get there.
  • Pick a song from the list below. MP3s are available here.
  • At Goodwill, buy one of the items listed for that song.
  • Learn the dance of that song; watch the music video!
  • Record your music video.
  • Upload to this folder on Google Drive.
  • Slack message to Thai with the name of the file.
  • He’ll verify/enjoy/cringe at the submission and send you the next answer.

“We will have so much winning once we see the music videos that you may get bored with winning”


  • Item(s) purchased at Goodwill should not exceed $30 (submit your receipt for reimbursement).
  • Item(s) purchased at Goodwill should be worn/used in music video
  • Dance moves must be included in music video
  • Every team member must be substantially shown in music video


You have 60 minutes. We will NOT give you the next answer or location for at least 60 minutes from when you tell me you’re at Goodwill so don’t half-ass it. Make it good. This is for posterity!

Tip: You can play the music on one phone and record it with another held right next to each other to get the song into the video.


All MP3s available here.

Artist Song Goodwill Item “Dance” Move
Macklemore Thrift Store
fur coat

“grandpa” sweater

R Kelly sheets

ride a scooter
Vanilla Ice Ice Ice Baby
baggy cargo pants

gangsta shades

black vest

neon t shirt

coordinated twirls & sweet footwork
Los Del Rio Macarena

colored wig

crop top


Village People YMCA
costume items of: policeman, construction worker, cowboy, Indian, leatherman or G.I. YMCA
Spice Girls Wannabe
platform shoes

sparkly leotard

crop top

neon anything

any coordinated dance
Taylor Swift Shake It Off


letterman jacket

old school boom box

faux twerking
Haddaway What is Love?
“stone” statue

leopard print anything

bronze candlestick


head bop
Soulja Boy Crank That
“gangsta” chain

sweat band

baggy logo tshirt

<watch the video>
Psy Gangnam Style
black sunglasses

orange scarf


pastel colored blazer

Gangnam Style
Rick Astley Never Gonna Give You Up
trench coat

jean shirt


red wig

Rick Astley shuffle